Common Self Storage Assumptions

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Renting a self storage unit is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Most times consumers research, analyze and rent a storage unit online or call the facility and have a unit in a few minutes. The person then drives to the storage facility after properly packing all of their belongings and signs a contract after agreeing to the terms and conditions. This is where some issues can arise though. Be sure to read the contract carefully as there may be some things you assumed wouldn’t change (price of the unit) or could store which are restricted (food, guns).  Below are 5 of the biggest assumptions people make when storing their items in a storage unit.

  1. Your Rent Will Not Increase – Storage prices, especially at some of the bigger, well known storage companies, tend to fluctuate month to month. Be sure you are aware of the prices and read the contract thoroughly so you are not caught off guard.
  2. You Don’t Need Insurance – Most likely nothing bad will happen but just in case…..get insurance. Why take a chance of a natural disaster or accident happening at the storage facility while your stuff is stored there?  You have insurance on your home and the possessions inside. Do the same at the storage facility. You can probably add the insurance on directly through your insurance provider or ask the facility manger if they offer it.
  3. Your Storage Unit Will Be Clean – In most cases your storage unit will be clean by the time you are ready to move in but there are time when it won’t be. Don’t be alarmed but you may have to sweep the floor or throw away some trash.
  4. Paying $1 for A Unit is a Great Deal – The bigger storage companies typically advertise $1 pays for your first months rent. This is true and seems like a good deal…until you include all of the add-ons they make you pay for. After the first month, your rent could increase exponentially as well. Remember, if the deal seems too good to be true…it usually is.
  5. You Don’t Need a Climate Controlled Unit – If you live on the East Coast, Midwest or South in the U.S. you will most likely need a climate controlled storage unit. Climate controlled units keep the temperature in the storage unit constant while the temps outside fluctuate. This is ideal for storing art, electronics, furniture, antiques or paintings to name a few. Having the storage unit in extreme temperatures can damage your belongings so be sure to ask your storage manager if you are unsure about climate controlled units. In most cases, it’s a safe bet you will require one.

Hopefully this will alert you to some of the more common assumptions associated with renting a storage unit. Remember, lists storage facilities from coast to coast. Whether you need Austin climate controlled storage or a storage unit in Chicago we have you covered.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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