Should You Use Mobile Storage or Rent a Moving Truck?

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When planning a move to a new home, consumers have several different options to choose from. Professional movers, mobile/portable storage, or renting a truck and moving yourself are three of the more popular options and all have their pros and cons. There are times when each are appropriate and you need to know a few factors before rushing into an uninformed decision.


Typically, mobile storage is going to be cheaper than hiring professional movers to move your home. The cost may vary significantly in certain moves as well.  Moving your 3 bedroom home across the country will cost you several thousand dollars whereas the same move will save you a good amount by using mobile storage. This is due in part to various reasons one being you pack at your own pace and do not have movers packing in a hurry for you. Another reason mobile storage is generally cheaper is a mobile storage container is only transporting your belongings rather than several people’s possessions which may be typical with professional movers.


Depending upon where you are moving to a mobile storage unit or moving truck could each be of convenience.  A move across the country could be a huge pain if you are driving a truck yourself and will cost more if you hire professional movers compared to a mobile storage unit. Not only do you have to consider a long drive in the truck but also parking, hotels, tolls and the safety and condition of the truck and your family while driving.

According to relocation expert Manuella Irwin at, “Generally, if you are moving locally, a better choice would be renting a moving truck. It is more convenient and you can choose a size that can perfectly fit all of your stuff.”  Likewise, mobile storage or storage containers offer great flexibility and can be shipped and picked up at your convenience.


Obviously transporting all of your household items in a moving truck across the country is far more difficult than simply driving your car. It is recommended to either hire professional movers or use mobile storage for long distance moves. Irwin explains, “Safety is a top priority. Perhaps, if you are moving to a big city, it’s harder to navigate through a busy metro area – traffic is horrible and finding a convenient spot to park is not easy, moreover you have to arrange a parking permit or to pay a costly parking ticket.”

By hiring professional movers or using mobile storage, the stress of personally transporting all of your belongings to a new destination is removed. You can focus on moving you and your family while the movers ship your possessions. If you choose professional movers, any damage which may occur to your belongings during transport should be covered with insurance as well. This will give you even more peace of mind.


If you are moving by yourself, mobile storage is a great option. You can load and unload the storage unit at your own pace and are being charged a monthly fee whether it takes 2 days or 29 days to load and move it. The more you have to do on your own, the more time you will need and the more expensive a truck will be. A moving truck will be more expensive in this aspect as well because you have to pay by the hour. A moving truck will charge per hour and will require you to move promptly and have your move prepared ahead of time.

The writers at explain, “A typical moving truck won’t give you the same level of flexibility offered by a storage container. Storage containers can be left in a parking lot for quite some time, while moving trucks are more high-value as they are more expensive to make. The best thing about storage containers is the chance to move it to a storage center owned by the rental company, which has proper security.” Mobile storage is much easier for moves when you are not able to bring all of your belongings at the same time or need more space/time to store your stuff.

In addition, mobile storage units are only a few inches off the ground compared to a few feet for moving trucks which makes loading and unloading much easier with a mobile storage unit.

Take Away

In the end, both mobile storage units and moving trucks have their pros and cons. Typically the longer the time you have to move, the more reasonable a mobile storage unit becomes ad the longer the distance of move, the better a moving truck is.

Hiring a professional moving company is easier and cheaper if you are moving a short distance or moving to a large city where parking, packing and driving will be difficult to navigate. If you are moving to a suburban area and need extra storage for a certain period of time, mobile storage is probably a better option.

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