Moving day: Those last minute essentials

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The house is in chaos; boxes piled high, important papers in the way, people are probably running late and you can’t find the keys. It’s the final part in what has been a stressful and chaotic ordeal. You’re so close to actually moving home, you just need to make it through this final hurdle before you can enjoy settling into your new home. This guide is an attempt to get you through moving day and to list those last minute essentials for the final part of moving.

Prepare for the pros

The professionals are on their way, and their probably late, meaning you have bored kids, disgruntled partners and your blood pressure is rising as you continually check and double check the road. Instead of mindlessly freaking out, be useful! They’re bound to arrive any time soon so you can get the ball rolling in their absence. Ensure all large electrical items are unplugged and ready to go; use sticky tape to keep doors and drawers shut and to minimise damage and gather all related items into the centre of the room for easy removal into the van. As for the boxes, these can start making their way onto the front garden so they can easily be transferred onto the van. Boxes should go at the back, so that the larger items are the first thing to go into the new home, so a pile in front of the van can really make all the difference.

Keep the essentials at hand

A few essentials should be at hand at all times, vital documents and important paperwork should be in a handbag and kept with you at all times. Other less important, but just as vital, are important things for after the stress of moving is over. Make sure you know where the kettle is, plus a few cups, plates, the kettle and any other essentials you might be craving when you’re in the new home, so they are easy to get too. Keep a stash of coffee, teabags, sugar and a small pot of sugar in a bag so you can get the brews going as soon as you get into your new kitchen. Moving is stressful, but don’t make it worse by not being able to enjoy the small luxuries in life. If moving with children get a few kid-friendly activities to leave in the car such as colouring books and games to keep them amused during the journey and also after getting to the new house, to keep them quiet and entertained as you start unpacking.

Leaving the home

Once you’re leaving the home, there’s a few last minute checks you need to do before starting the engine and saying goodbye. Now the house is clear, it’s important to check for any missing items, especially in garages and outhouses where you might have forgotten about stray belongings. The new family moving into your home will need the keys, so leave them in a safe and obvious spot if you haven’t already arranged a swap with the estate agents. It’s important to remember the keys for any garages, sheds as well as all window keys. For window locks, leave them in the window itself or collect them all and place them in a jar on the windowsill. If you’re leaving your home empty, feel free to set the alarm to prevent break in, but be sure to leave the code with the agent, landlord or solicitor.

Finally, pop round to a friendly neighbour to let them know you’re finally moving, and remember to collect any spare keys that they might have. Let them know your new address in case you forget anything, need information or for any emergencies.

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