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Moving is stressful and everyone has their own way of packing, unpacking and storing their possessions. If you are moving from a large residence to a smaller place you may have to rent a self storage unit in order to keep all of your belongings until you have more space. If a self storage unit is needed, you will essentially be packing and unpacking several times. Below are a few tips on how to properly pack and store your bedroom furniture.

A big tip for packing and unpacking a bedroom is to remove the furniture and big items from the bedroom last. This means they will go on the truck last but will be the first in the storage unit. Large dressers, oversized beds, nightstands or extra chairs may not fit in a new residence and will need to be stored. Putting the large items in the back of the storage unit allows space to get smaller things in the storage unit easier. You can also stack smaller items on the bigger items and thus will make sure the largest items are guaranteed to fit in the storage unit. If the items are not going to storage, they will be the first off the truck and can be set up almost immediately.

If possible, break down the bed to save space and make it easier to lift. Breaking down the bed also allows easier storage in the unit. The bed can lean against the self storage unit wall and will take up less space. If the bed is not able to break down, place it in a corner of the storage unit and place smaller items on top and underneath the bed. This is not ideal but will suffice for the time being.

Be sure to remove all of the drawers from dressers and nightstands to make the furniture easier to carry. Removing the drawers may seem trivial but will have a significant impact on the weight of the items. You will have to make a few extra trips to get the drawers but at least it won’t be a struggle going up and down stairs or loading belongings in the truck.

Another great tip is to label each box. If boxes are labeled it is easier to find what you need when you need it. Clothes, toiletries, books and shoes can go directly to your new bedroom or accessed easily if they are being stored. Labeling the boxes also allows you to stack other boxes on them. Obviously a box of books will not go on top of your glassware and you will know the approximate weight of each box to determine if each box can handle the weight of another.

Renting a self storage unit may not have crossed your mind but if you have minimal space in your home you should think about storing your furniture in a safe and secure storage unit. lists Anaheim self storage units, New York self storage and everything in between.

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