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Storage auctions have exploded across the country in recent years, mainly due to the TV show ‘Storage Wars’. More and more people are attending storage auctions with the intention to make a quick buck simply because they watched the TV show. Stories are beginning to appear which show, like many reality TV shows, the ‘Storage Wars’ formula may be a fabrication. Say it isn’t so…I know.

Before you head out to the nearest auction with a couple hundred’s burning a hole in your pocket, take some time to read these tips in order to become more educated and knowledgeable on how to spot a profitable storage unit.

Generally there are some basic ways to better your chances of finding a money making storage unit in an auction. If you can see the items in the storage unit you are already ahead of the game. Make an educated guess on how much you could sell the visible items for and you have a basis on how much to bid on the auction. Trash bags or other garbage in the storage unit is a bad sign. Most of the time if you see garbage in the unit, the entire unit is garbage and the storage auction will be worthless to you.

Another way to increase your chances in a storage auction is to check for dust. If there is dust on the boxes and other items it means the boxes haven’t been moved in a long period of time. Typically this is a good sign and will increase your odds of finding collectibles or older items such as antiques.

Lastly, look at the boxes and items inside. Are they stacked neatly and carefully or are items thrown about and messy? A well kept storage unit means the owner took the time to stack things neatly and increases the chance there are valuables inside, which thus increases the chances you can sell them for something.

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SSF Team

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