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28 December 2012 by

No matter how much space you try to make in your residence, either by cleaning, de-cluttering, throwing things away or even moving to a bigger place, storage always seems to be an issue. There are times when renting a self storage unit is a must but there are also times when you simply need a bit more extra room in your home and don’t need or want to spend the extra money each month on a storage unit.

Finding storage space in your home can be a mind numbing task unless you get creative and make a commitment to do it. There are many spaces and ways to create household storage for your items. Think of any open space you see as a place to store other items. It is a no space wasted type of design. One of the best places to find more space is on the walls. If you use a floor to ceiling approach, you can utilize much more space without losing space on your floor. Kitchen cabinets and bookcases are efficient storage spaces which run vertically. It is effective to use as much wall space as possible and place the items you don’t use as much near the top of the shelving.

Areas under stairways are often overlooked as well but can easily fit items which are not often used. Paint supplies, tools, extra blankets and pillows can all easily be stacked on shelving or placed under the stairs.

Placing bins of shoes, toys and any other smaller items under beds works great as well. The space is nearly invisible to others and is a clean, efficient space to store. Larger local department stores will have pieces of furniture which can offer storage, bins and other items used for storage.

Once a homeowner decides to get creative, clean up the residence and make storage space it typically becomes a whole house project. Almost any room can be cleaned up, de-cluttered and opened up to create more living space. If there is too much stuff and you find you do need a self storage unit, will have everything you need to rent from a local storage facility.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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  • Anonymous says:

    I do agree with you. Storage always seems to be a issue. Where to store and what are the arrangements for security. Self storage can be a good alternative to cope with these problems.

  • John Smith says:

    I think Self Storage in home is the best solution to keep belongings safe and secure.

  • Kari says:

    I love this idea. Sometimes you just need a place to store the kids’ sports stuff and don’t want to take it to the storage unit.

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