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14 December 2012 by

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone the next major event we need to prepare and plan for is…..DoomsDay 2012! Many people all over the world have been preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse for years now and since the end of the Mayan Calendar is fast approaching, we thought we would get you up to speed on what you need to have in order to be prepared for the End of Days.

First things first, you need a self storage unit. A storage unit is typically used to store extra items which are cluttering your living space but in this case it is a necessity. Your DoomsDay storage unit can be used for several things and in several ways. One way the storage unit can be used is to store your most prized possessions in case most everything in your residence is damaged or destroyed. This way, your little league trophies, diploma, secret pasta sauce recipe and any of your other gems should be saved.

Another way a storage unit can be used during a Zombie Apocalypse is to store all of your namesake and heritage. Store items and possessions which will help others in the future remember who you are and what you did in your lifetime. Spelling Bee champ in 4th grade, Math Man of the Week as a Freshman and who could forget Employee of the Week at the local gas station. Those are great accomplishments and something you should be proud of. Future generations will be vastly impressed when they find these in your storage unit.

You can also use the storage unit to store yourself for the day. Everyone knows storage facilities are DoomsDay proof so you could spend the night in the storage unit and then rise the next day to the Zombie Apocalypse and see how the world turned out. Don’t forget to keep some food, water and ammo in your storage unit so you can battle the zombies once you leave the unit.

These DoomsDay survival tips should have you fending off the Zombie Apocalypse like Chuck Norris will. Don’t forget to use to find the closest storage facility to you. Research, compare and reserve storage units online at anytime.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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