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7 December 2012 by

If you haven’t moved before you probably have a ton of questions, are a bit lost at this point and may not even know where to begin. You’ve heard all of the moving horror stories and are hoping to be the one exception. The only problem is, you can only be the exception if you are prepared. Follow these quick tips to give you a boost on moving and ensure things go smoothly.

  • Ask For Help – If you have never moved and never been out on your own, you probably don’t know what to expect or what you need in order to live your current lifestyle. It is a good idea to seek out friends, family and neighbors to ask for advice whether it’s about packing, cleaning or eating. A little bit of aid could help you realize you forgot a garbage can, dishes or blankets.
  • Stay Patient – Things might not go exactly how you plan or how you want them to. Stay patient, take things in stride and don’t overdo anything in the first month. Moving is stressful enough and moving out on your own for the first time can have your head spinning.
  • Stay Focused – After moving in you will likely feel exhausted from all of the cleaning, shopping, organizing and decorating. You will probably be going to bed late and getting up early. After you settle in, things will calm down but stay focused in the meantime. Don’t make things harder or more confusing off the bat.
  • Stay Healthy – Even though you are now out on your own, you still need to be healthy. It is not a good idea to be eating fast food every night while staying up drinking until 3 am. Eat healthy, continue your workout routine and party in moderation.
  • Stay Clean – Be sure to keep your new place clean. Do your laundry, dishes and keep your living space free of clutter. The longer you keep good cleaning habits, the more apt you will be to keeping your place clean.

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SSF Team

SSF Team

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