3 Ways to Save Money on a Moving Company

9 November 2012 by

Though the economy is slowing coming back, people are still moving and relocating for various reasons. Whether it’s a cross country move or a move down the street, it is a good idea to hire a moving company to assist you. By researching online you can find the best moving company for you and with these helpful tips you can save some money before you move.

Move During Non-Peak Times

If you have the ability to be flexible and move during non-peak times of the moving season you will be able to save yourself some money. Obviously the summer months are peak moving times but weekends, the beginning and the end of the month are also peak times. Moving during these peak times will cause rates to be higher than moving during the fall or winter.

Pack Yourself

Most moving companies charge by the hour to pack your belongings. Also, use your own boxes and packing supplies to pack your materials as most companies will charge you extra for those as well.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

As you are packing and cleaning up your home, take the time to go through your stuff and decide what you need and don’t need. Packing and bringing useless items to your new home is a waste of time and money. Not only will you have to take the time to pack all of these items yourself, you will also have to pay the moving company extra due to the added weight on the truck. You can donate, throw away or simply give the items away to friends.

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  • We recommend that our customers start purging their unwanted items weeks ahead of the move. Most times it takes a lot longer than they realize to get rid of personal items. Great post!

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