How To Avoid Common Moving Mistakes

5 November 2012 by

If you think moving is as easy as counting 1-10, then you are wrong.  It’s one of the things you cannot afford to be unprepared for.  And before you get stressed on your moving day, read these tips to avoid moving mistakes.

Seek help. You probably think that you are strong enough to carry all of your things on your own.  Maybe you wanted to save as much money as you like.  Well, you’re wrong.  Your money won’t make up for the time you spend fuming all day.

Be prepared.  Statistics show that about 40 million Americans are moving annually and you’re one of them. Depending on the reason/s of the move, you might find yourself fighting over a schedule. Book in advance because moving companies are too busy and they may not take nuisance customers that easy.

Get an estimate. This is all about money and there are two kinds: the binding and the nonbinding estimate. Binding estimates are quotes determined by the moving company in relation to the distance of your new home and the contents to be moved. Nonbinding estimates are black and white documents that clearly break down how much you will be paying. The fees involved should be clear as well your liabilities and the responsibilities of the moving company.

Check on insurance. The insurance information should be on the moving company’s side and yours. On the moving company’s side, ask if they have coverage for things that get damaged while your things are being moved and while they are being handled by the movers.  On your side, check to see if your add-on insurance covers for your things while being moved, and ask about the specifics. In addition, you also need to see if your movers have worker’s compensation insurance. There are many states such as Minnesota and Utah, require workers compensation for all employees. This is just in case something is going to happen during the move.

Moving valuables. Do not mix valuable, delicate, flammable, and explosive things with those that your movers will normally carry like a box of books. They’d want to move your things carefully but not when they know it’s something that can potentially blow the truck in pieces.  Keep these things in your car.  Besides, it is not recommended that you move flammable implements.

Do not forget your pets. You’re all busy and realize that your cat, dog, fish, and bird pets will also come with you. Get all their papers ready especially when you travel from one state to another.  Give them meds before they are moved.

Clean up. Donate or hold a garage sale for the things you will not be taking with you.

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SSF Team

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