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2 November 2012 by

We understand what the house looks like now. There are papers, clothes, toys, paint cans and dishes strewn about in every room. Your home isn’t messy…it’s just not clean at the moment. You put things back in their place and tell your kids to do the same but no matter what the toys and clothes are still thrown about.

If this story doesn’t sound familiar maybe you have kids who are growing up and entering college. They’re finding themselves and making their friends more of a priority than ever before. You still keep their room the same as when they left but wouldn’t it be great to turn that room into more of an office, study or man cave? What do you do with the kids stuff they will surely want later or the heirlooms and antiques you have in their room?

The reality is, whether you have kids young or old, you probably don’t want to get rid of all those little reminders and belongings from the past. Maybe you are saving them to pass on to your kids or you keep them to remember a loved one. Putting these items in a self storage unit is a great, affordable option to keep your belongings safe and secure while keeping them out of the clutter. With your items secured at a self storage facility you can finally turn that room into an office and clean up your home at the same time.

Remember lists thousands of local self storage facilities around the country if you feel your home is too cluttered and you need a self storage unit. Whether you need Houston self storage, Philadelphia self storage units or anything in between, we have you covered.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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