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26 October 2012 by

The self storage industry is not thought of as being “sexy”, hip or tech savvy. In fact, up until recently it wasn’t really thought of at all. Self storage is more of a “find it” or “think about it once you need it” type of service. You don’t hear people going around telling their friends how they are going to go rent a self storage unit because its cool or because they have to have it and it almost certainly isn’t an impulse purchase.

We’ve covered several movies and TV shows in the past which have used self storage as a prop but it seems in the past 2 years or so, self storage is starting to go more mainstream. There are now several shows either about self storage, ‘Storage Wars’, or about auctions and pawning in general – ‘Pawn Stars’, ‘American Pickers’. These TV shows are starting to glorify self storage and storage auctions, bringing them to the forefront and increasing awareness to people who had otherwise no interest in self storage.

There is also a movie coming out within the next year called ‘Self Storage‘. The movie is supposed to be a horror film and stars Academy Award winning actor Eric Roberts, Michael Berryman and Jonathan Silverman. This will only boost the attention given to the self storage industry and bring more interest from a wider range of people.

Another way self storage is going mainstream is through the use of self storage aggregators such as, and several other smaller players. Storage aggregators combine tech savvyness with social media marketing and search engine optimization familiarity to highlight and market self storage facilities which may not have the time, budget, know how to do it themselves. These companies are on the cutting edge of technology and bring in a large media and social following to promote all types of storage facilities.

The self storage aggregators use a targeted approach and offer customers a suitable way to easily research, analyze and rent self storage online. Most aggregators use inventive marketing methods to reach and re-target potential as well as previous customers all in one. The use of blogging, social media and press allows a reach to a wider audience which opens the door for self storage to different types of markets. Storage aggregators become much more than a one stop shop for customers looking for self storage as people can find answers to storage questions, find friends who rented and even win prizes simply for renting through the websites.

Although self storage is not typically thought of as being an industry customers strive to know more about, the industry has been making some headway and headlines recently. The TV shows, movies and self storage aggregators should continue to push the industry into the mainstream and increase awareness to a wider audience.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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