Moving Company Storage vs. Self Storage

26 September 2012 by

If you use a moving company, and have to decide whether to put your goods into their storage or a self-storage, there are the following pros and cons:

  • Self-storage is usually less expensive than moving company storage for the same amount of items.
  • When you use moving company storage your goods usually stay protected and wrapped in their soft quilted furniture pads – in self-storage you have to provide your own wrapping protection, or just have your items in their “bare”, without any wrapping or protection.
  • In self-storage you have your own lock and key, and can come and go as you please, subject to the facilities hours of operation.
  • In moving company storage, the movers actually has possession of your goods, and if you want to access your goods, or add items, or take out items, you must pay their warehouse personnel to actually perform the access – it’s not free, nor will they allow you to come in and go thru the items yourself, because they are normally responsible for any damage that might occur during the access.

Some basic recommendations as to whether to select self-storage of moving company storage:

  • If you are on strict budget, use a self-storage – it’s less expensive.
  • If you need to come and go, add items or take items out, use a self-storage – there is not separate access charge as there is with moving company storage, and you can come and go as you please without having to schedule and pay for an appointment, as is generally the case with moving company storage.
  • If you have nice furniture and items, and don’t need to come and go, or otherwise access your goods, and basically just plan on placing your items into storage, and then having the moving company deliver when you are ready, then use moving company storage – although slightly more expensive, your goods are usually better protected and cared for.

These basic  moving tips brought to you by the professional movers at Movers-Moving.NET

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SSF Team

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