What You Cannot Move and Keep in Storage Units: Things You Should Better Left Behind When Moving to a New Home

20 September 2012 by

When moving to another city or state, people tend to bring lots of stuff with them in order to give the new place some semblance of home. However, while there are things that can be hauled up to the new house, there are also a few items which simply cannot be taken aboard a moving truck. These are what the professional movers call “non-transportable items”. Anything that is highly perishable or likely to pose a risk to the movers is not allowed to be kept inside a storage box and shipped to another place. This restriction can either come from the applicable federal laws or company policy.

Whether you are planning to move things by yourself or with the help of hired movers, it is necessary to avoid packing the items which are considered unfit for, or hazardous while being transported. These typically include flammable articles and perishable goods. To make sure that you do not accidentally place them inside the storage units, here is a moving checklist of non-transportable items that you should leave behind:

  • Volatile Articles These are items which are highly combustible and corrosive. They might explode anytime during the long drive, especially when accidentally knocked down with other vulnerable materials.
  1. Oil and Fuels These are gasoline, kerosene and lubricants from machineries, equipment, and motorcycles. Before hauling up your lawn mower or bike, make sure that it is drained of oil.
  2. Acids and Flammable Chemicals These include nail polish, aerosol sprays, cleaning agents, weed killers, fertilizers and the likes.
  3. Gas Tanks – Propane and oxygen cylinders should be left behind disconnected. You may also deposit them to a local collection center.
  4. Lighting Items – These are matches, batteries, charcoal and fireworks. Discard the batteries from equipment properly before loading them to the truck. Avoid packing fireworks as they may only take heat that can cause an explosion.
  • Perishable Items – These are articles which cannot be transported for the sole reason that they spoil easily under poor conditions. Given the fact that the process of moving out involves cramped cargo space and long drives, such items are better left to friends or disposed of properly. Some moving companies may agree to transport these goods, provided that the items are properly packed to avoid spoilage. Still, it is advisable to just discard them right away to prevent food poisoning as well as to make better use of the available space inside the truck.
  1. Food – Food items whether frozen, canned or vacuum-sealed in jars, generally cannot be shipped without undergoing chemical changes. They may spoil easily while in transit.
  2. Plants – Obviously, potted plants cannot survive a day inside a dark, closed space. Leave them to the new owners or have your friends look after them.
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