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14 September 2012 by

There are many reasons why people choose to use self storage. Some are in the middle of a divorce, some getting married, moving across country, a frequent traveler, spring cleaning, a business storing files or brave men and women needing protection for their belongings while they serve overseas. This is the sixth part in a series of tips for the most common self storage items.

Our previous sections focused on furniture, electronics, appliances, files and documents and antiques. Today we focus on vehicle storage. Vehicle storage refers to long term storage, more than 1 month, of a car, van, truck, RV, boat and any other terrain vehicle. People tend to store these items during non-seasonal months, during long vacations overseas and even if they have classic cars which they want to keep safe and secure because they are not driven on a regular basis.

Vehicle Storing Tips:

Consider placing cars in a climate controlled storage unit to keep the automobile out of the elements of the weather and to keep the car in pristine condition. A regular storage unit may contain humidity or moisture which can cause your car to rust. A boat or RV may be placed outside under covered storage. Be sure to fill the gas tank to reduce the amount of water absorbed and use an additive to ensure the gas doesn’t break down. Winterize your vehicle and change the oil as bad oil can contain acids which can break down the system. Tire jacks are recommended to reduce the pressure on tires. Inflate the tires a bit more than they should be as some air will likely be released if the car is not driven often. Wash, wax and vacuum the vehicle to remove dirt, dust and any crumbs left behind which could attract rodents. Disconnect the battery and use a lubricant on all exposed metal engine surfaces to inhibit rust.

These vehicle storage tips should aid you prior to storing your vehicle. If you are searching for vehicle storage, can assist you with Portland storage units, Orlando self storage and anything in between.


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SSF Team

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