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There are many reasons why people choose to use self storage. Some are in the middle of a divorce, some getting married, moving across country, a frequent traveler, spring cleaning, a business storing files or brave men and women needing protection for their belongings while they serve overseas. This is the fifth part in a series of tips for the most common self storage items.

Previously we covered furniture, electronics, appliances and documents. Today we focus on antiques and heirlooms. Storing antiques, collectibles or heirlooms can be cause for concern for some people. Depending upon the item being stored a person may need higher security or a climate controlled storage. If the item is an antique dating back several generations an individual may want tight security, locks and video surveillance. If the item is a piece of fine art a climate controlled storage unit would better suit to keep the art safe, secure and damage free.

Antique and Heirloom Storing Tips:

For pieces of fine art and paintings temperature, humidity and moisture control are essential to keeping the art in pristine condition. Keeping the temperature constant, humidity low and moisture out will keep your art valuable, in great condition and will avoid potential damage. If wrapping of the art is needed, avoid plastic as it traps moisture and will then ruin the art. Placing cardboard between paintings and wrapping sculpture art in blankets or towels will keep them padded and minimize potential damage.

Art should never be placed on the ground or leaned up against a wall for an extended period of time as this could compromise the structure and distort the item. Any furniture should be wrapped in bubble wrap, towels or blankets – again, avoid plastic. Any antique items which can be broken down and disassembled should be done so as to take every precaution against any potential damage. It is also a good idea to acquire extra insurance for any valuable items being stored. Insurance can be purchased through the storage facility or from your home/renters insurance.

Keep these tips in mind when storing your antiques and heirlooms. Search our website for San Diego storage units, Washington DC self storage and anything in between.

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SSF Team

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