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There are many reasons why people choose to use self storage. Some are in the middle of a divorce, some getting married, moving across country, a frequent traveler, spring cleaning, a business storing files or brave men and women needing protection for their belongings while they serve overseas. This is the first part in what will be a series of tips for the most common self storage items.

Let’s begin with a common item typically placed in a self storage unit: furniture. Whether you have furniture from your home or your office, furniture is a common item found in self storage units. Many people store furniture when moving from one residence to another or when they purchase new furniture yet don’t want to part with the old. Some even place furniture in storage to stage their home after they put their house on the market.

Furniture Storing Tips:

  • Place plastic sheets or wooden pallets on the ground and place the furniture on top to keep potential moisture from getting on your stuff. If moisture is able to get onto your furniture it could ruin it or cause it to get moldy and smell musty.
  • Disassemble any large furniture if possible. Beds, cribs, dressers and entertainment centers may be able to break down into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Use a wood protectant on any wood furniture to ensure it stays protected and clean. It will also keep the wood from warping.
  • Polish metallic furniture to prevent possible oxidation which could damage the finish.
  • Use bubble wrap, towels or blankets to prevent your furniture from scratching.
  • Use table drawers and dresser drawers as places to put extra, smaller items you are storing.
  • Do not store mattresses on their side. Mattresses should be placed down as you were lying on them as to not distort the mattress.
  • Couches, chairs and dressers should be placed as you would use them at your home in order to avoid damage.

These furniture tips should aid you in storing some of your extra stuff until you need it again. Be sure to check out our other upcoming common storing tips. Let us know if you have any other comments!

SSF Team

SSF Team

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