How to Rent a Storage Unit

27 July 2012 by

Thousands of people rent storage units every month and though you may not be one of them yet, chances are you will be needing a self storage unit in the future. Below are some things to expect when renting your first storage unit.

Renting a storage unit is similar to renting an apartment or a house. When you walk into the storage facility, the storage facility manager will usually have you fill out a form in order to find out additional information about you. This form usually consists of your name, address, phone number, email address and your employer. The manager will probably take a copy of your drivers license as well.

Many storage facilities will also ask for an alternate contact person in case you are unavailable and there is an emergency. Although they storage facility has an alternate person on your storage unit, the alternate is not allowed by law to have access to your storage unit unless you give them permission. It is strictly used for an emergency situation.

You will have to sign the rental agreement if you agree to rent at the storage facility as well. The rental agreement states the day you begin renting, method of payment, the end date of the contract (usually the end of the month) and some fine print. Most of the fine print is stating you will pay the rent on the first of every month, you will give notice when you leave the storage unit, you will clean the unit before you leave, you intend to use the storage unit properly and not store drugs, etc and that you will get your deposit back.

Most storage facility managers will also ask how you found their storage facility for their marketing purposes. There isn’t much more to renting a storage unit than that. It is similar to renting an apartment or house and is a fairly quick process.

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