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29 June 2012 by

You have some extra stuff you don’t have much room for in your apartment but what do you do with it? Self storage is a great, affordable option but there are some things you simply can’t put in storage. Why wouldn’t you be able to store anything in a self storage unit? Laws, government and safety reasons prevent people from storing some items. Below are some items you will not be able to store.

Food – Storage units, even climate controlled units, are not conducive to storing food. Having food in a storage unit will also provide incentive for unwanted guests such as rodents and other bugs.

Combustible Items –  Storage units are subject to temperature fluctuations and anything flammable could explode. You don’t want to be responsible for potential damages.

Pets – Keeping a pet in a storage unit is not only cruel, its wrong. You will probably be sent to jail if you leave a pet in your self storage unit. Give your pet up for adoption if you no longer want it at your home.

Your Family – Although the economy is in the dumps and there are several examples of people living in storage facilities, storage units are not meant for people. Temperature fluctuations and unsuitable living conditions are only 2 of the many reasons you can’t live in a storage unit. Also, its illegal.

You can store many things in a storage unit but food and family are two no-nos on the list. If you are looking for a self storage unit, use easy zip code or city search to find a local facility.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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