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When searching for the right self storage facility you should take a close look at the types of amenities the facility offers. Most storage facilities around the country will offer the option of climate controlled units, boat and RV storage, insurance, moving boxes, storage locks, moving trucks, 24 hour surveillance, 24 hour access and elevator access.

We’ve touched on the benefits of climate controlled storage before but utilizing a climate controlled storage unit is a great way to minimize damage to your belongings. If you live in extreme hot or cold climates, you will probably need a climate controlled unit. Storing books, art, videos, electronics, computers, furs and antiques all require climate controlled units or they will be damaged. Extreme temperatures can warp, crack or mold your items.

If you have a recreational vehicle but do not have adequate garage space to store it, you will probably need boat and RV storage. Leaving your vehicle outside to face the elements of winter or summer can cause irreparable damage. Vehicle storage offers options such as climate controlled units and will have you resting easy knowing your vehicle is safe, secure and out of the elements.

Having the option to use a rental truck for the day is a big time saver and stress reliever. Knowing you have access to a truck to take to your home, load up all of your possessions and then drive it to the storage unit makes your day easier. Chances are you will be able to drive the truck from your home and park it directly in front of your storage unit which makes unloading the truck a breeze.

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SSF Team

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