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11 May 2012 by

If you’re thinking about moving, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Of course every move is different, but we’ll try to cover the most important aspects.

The important part of any move is to start planning in advance. Do not wait until the last minute. You may not be able to find any available  movers or rent a moving truck and even if you do, you may end up paying a higher price. If you plan on hiring a moving company make sure to reserve them at least 10-14 days prior to your moving date. The same rule applies for rental trucks. Get quotes from different companies and select one that is right for your needs and budget.

Gather moving boxes and packing supplies at least 3-4 weeks before the move. Start packing one room at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself.  Make sure you mark all your boxes clearly, so that you know what’s inside them. Marking boxes makes the move so much easier. They are easily found and unpacking the boxes is no longer a struggle.

Go through those items that you rarely use. Do you really need them in your new home?  Are you going to use them again? If your answer is no, then give it to your friends and family or arrange for someone to take them to local charities.

If you need a storage place, make sure you have arrangements before your truck arrives to the facility. Without prior arrangements you may find that they do not have the proper size unit available. Get paperwork signed and dates settle in advance. Check with the storage company whether they supply a moving truck. If you have a good idea of what you’re storing, you will be able to estimate the right size storage unit for your belongings. There are many storage calculators available on the web.

If you plan on renting a truck, make sure you have people to help with loading and unloading. You don’t want your moving day to come and have no one to help. Ask your friends and family weeks in advance for a help. If you can’t find anyone to help you with this task, hire moving labor service from local moving companies. Many moving companies offer services such as loading and unloading of rental trucks.

Drive carefully, especially if you never drove a moving van. You will probably be a little tense from excitement and fear of the experiences. If it’s a long drive, take breaks to keep fresh and renewed.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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