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Many households have “stuff” lying around the garage, closets or spare rooms that need to be sorted through. Before you decide to move or even when you have spare time, you should try to de-clutter your stuff and get rid of the items you don’t need. Read on to see how you get going.

There is no need to be surrounded by things you don’t need or use. Everything you own should have some value, whether it is functional or emotional value and needs a place where it can stay when not in use. Some people like to keep everything they have ever bought or read, like hoarders or pack rats, while others throw away most things. If you own a house, chances are you have a room or garage that needs to be sorted. These steps will make sorting and de-cluttering an easy task.

  • Take note of more time consuming areas such as garages, closets and spare rooms.
    • These are areas you will need to spend extra time and attention. These areas are usually where people store stuff they don’t really need or don’t use on a regular basis.
  • Make a list of things you want to keep and things you can get rid of.
    • What will stay and what can go? If you are unsure of an item, think of the last time you used it. If it has been a few months, it can probably go.
  • Remove everything from the area.
    • Removing everything will give you a sense of how much stuff you have and how much room you have to store it.
  • Place the items in piles and decide which piles are worth keeping.
    • Have a “keep” pile and a “donate” or “garbage” pile.
  • Always decide where an item should go once you get to it. Don’t put it off.
    • If you put it off you will end up putting it in another pile and keeping it even though it may be worthless.
  • Put stuff in bins for better storage.
    • Use plastic storage bins to store similar items like tools, sewing items or clothes. Plastic storage bins allow you to see inside to know what you have where.
  • Use labels.
    • Along with the plastic bins, labels will allow you to easily see what goes where.

These easy tips should make your packing and sorting easier. If you find you have more stuff you want to keep than space to keep it, a self storage facility is a great option. Find a Chicago storage unit or Atlanta self storage facility by searching our website. Good luck!

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SSF Team

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