Five Steps for Spring Cleaning

20 April 2012 by

It is now officially spring and time to begin your Spring Cleaning around the house. Give your house a good cleaning by scrubbing everything down and moving seasonal items into the shed or a self storage unit until next year. Here is a few simple steps to have your house sparkling in no time.

  1. Clean One Room at a Time – We understand you want to get the cleaning done as quickly as possible but finish one room before moving to the next. Starting and not finishing a room will have you cleaning more than you need to and not getting anything accomplished. Clean one room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. Throw Items Away as you go – Be sure to go through every item in every room in order to determine what you need and what you haven’t used in a long time. Make piles in order to decide what you can keep, what can be donated and what you will place in a self storage unit.
  3. Winter Items – Your snow shovels, snow blower, salt and winter clothes can go into your storage unit or in a storage bin until next season. Remember to get your lawnmower, rakes trimmers and other summer items out of storage as well.
  4. Clean it All – Make sure to go everything in your home to make sure it is extra clean. Dust, vacuum and mop behind appliances, under couches and beds and in every nook and cranny. Your Spring Cleaning should go well beyond your normal cleaning routine.
  5. Change it up – Since you are cleaning and moving all of your furniture, now is a great time to refresh any decorations in your home. Re-arranging furniture, buying new furniture or appliances or painting are some big options but you can also simply move pictures or change your knickknacks.

This simple 5 step process will have your home clean and fresh in no time. Let us know if we forgot anything or if you have a different routine.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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