How To Avoid a Moving Scam

13 April 2012 by

If you talk to someone that went through packing and moving, they would definitely confirm that relocating is a difficult and challenging experience. Especially if it is an out of state move, then there will be lots of things to think about. The easiest option always is to hire professional movers to pack and move your belongings. However, you need to make sure that you contract a reputable moving company whom you can trust. There are certain things you should look into to avoid moving scams. Not all companies are created equal, there are some people who willing to say anything to steal a sale.

In order to find a reputable company that can meet your requirements you should start by proper research. Don’t go with the first company; always compare 3-5 different moving companies to get better service from them. Check with local BBB office and run their credibility through Department Of Transportation. Make sure the company that you want to hire is properly licensed and insured. Read reviews from past customers, learn what other people share about their experience. Nowadays it’s really easy to find any information on the internet.

It is very crucial to stay in direct contact with a moving company. These moving companies deal with different customers every day and every move is different. You should clearly express your needs and let them know what your expectations are. It is important to go through every aspect of the move; let them know what you want them to move and what to leave behind. Find out what they will not take; there are regulations that you have to comply with. Ask all your questions before the movers arrive. You must be around to communicate with a moving crew on a moving day and make sure everything goes smoothly.

The moving estimate is something that you have to pay a closer attention. Ask a sales person for a binding quote, don’t fall for a non binding low cost estimate. This type of quote will give you an assurance that the quote you have set for a move would not be changed once your possessions are in the truck. Often, scam companies would initially quote a low estimate and then once your household items are loaded onto the truck, they would change the price. So it is in your best interest to get a binding quote and make sure to have it in writing. These moving quotes are legally valid and can be produced in court.

Not all moving companies are scam; there are many reliable and trustworthy companies. You just have to do your homework before signing the moving contract.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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