Common Self Storage Mistakes

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Many people have more stuff than they can actually fit in their home or garage. This is one reason garage sales are so popular. What happens if you have items you don’t need in your home but can’t really get rid of yet due to sentimental or emotional attachment? A simple solution is a self storage unit. There are many reasons one might need to rent from a self storage facility and it is a perfect solution for removing clutter in your home at an affordable rate.

If you’re like most people, you will probably put everything in labeled boxes, take the boxes down to your self storage unit and forget about them. When you do need your stuff, you go back and find things broken or covered in mildew. What went wrong? By taking a few precautions and using some common sense, you can pack your things properly and find them in perfect condition when you return for them. Follow these tips:

Pack Clean and Dry

Make sure everything you pack in the storage unit is clean and dry. When wet items are left in closed quarters for an extended period of time bacteria, mold and mildew can form and ruin your possessions.

Use Bubble Wrap

Writing “Fragile” on the boxes is a start but you should also use bubble wrap to secure any lamps, glass, figurines. Wrapping these items in newspaper is most likely not enough to protect them and the ink from the newspaper can easily transfer to your belongings, possibly ruining them.

Use Climate Controlled Storage

Decide if you need a climate controlled storage unit. Climate controlled units are typically kept at a constant temperature between 55-80 degrees depending on the facility and the region of the country you are located in. Things like electronics, art, wine, antiques and furs should all be kept in a climate controlled unit. See our climate controlled storage blog for additional recommendations.

If you have any other additional questions, leave us a comment and we will answer or you can ask your storage facility manager. offers locations all across the Nation from Seattle self storage to Myrtle Beach self storage and everything in between.

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SSF Team

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