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30 March 2012 by

Nowadays, with the recession still looming and millions of people out of jobs, more and more people are turning to renting rather than owning a home. Renting a home, an apartment, a condo or a townhome has its advantages over owning. The cost is lower and there is less upkeep but there is also less space for storage. Residents in cities such as Chicago, Boston, or Atlanta know about the limited options for storing belongings without a garage, crawl space or attic. For many residents, self storage is a great option.

The decision to vulnerably hoard your excess belongings in closets, under your bed or wherever else you have a spare inch can prove costly and make your living space more cramped. By renting a self storage unit you can easily store your possessions safely and securely which will allow you to have a less cluttered living space. Your personal possessions are less likely to be damaged or ruined in a storage unit compared to having them tucked away in your make shift storage spaces.

Using self storage enables you to keep the belongings you otherwise would have had to get rid of due to the size of your rental. Old comic books, baseball cards, artwork, love letters and anything else near and dear to you will be safely kept in your storage unit so you can reminisce anytime you want.

It doesn’t matter if you have an entire house or just a few items to store there is a storage facility near you which will suit your needs perfectly. Most storage units range from 3×5 to 20×30. A 3×5 would be able to hold about a closet full of items while a 20×30 can hold all then contents of a 4 bedroom house. Ask the storage facility manager if you are unsure how much storage space you actually need. It is better to get a storage unit slightly larger than what you need in order to properly pack and access the unit later.

Whatever city you live in, there are sure to be dozens of storage facilities within 10 miles of your place. Use our simple zip code search or type in your desired location and let the renting begin!

SSF Team

SSF Team

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