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It is no surprise that relocation process is one of the stressful experiences that anyone can face; it is something that almost everyone will have to go through eventually.  Whether it’s a local or out of state move, there are several different options available. Of course by hiring professional movers you make the entire process easier, but it may turn out to be really costly. Professional movers will pack your boxes, load the truck into their truck and transport everything to your new home. This is usually the easiest way to get your belongings moved, but this is not the cheapest options.

There are different options available, depending on your budget and schedule. It used to be only two options; either you pay movers to pack and transport your goods or do it everything yourself using a pick up or rental truck. Nowadays, there are quite more options. Let’s look at a few other options that are available besides moving companies.

Do it Yourself Moves
Usually this is the least expensive option to move, however you’ll be doing everything yourself. You need to arrange a rental truck, pack your belongings, load the truck, drive the truck to your new residence and unload everything into your new home. Obviously this is the cheapest option to move, but if you don’t know how to drive a truck or not capable of lifting heavy items, then this option may turn into a disaster. Inexperience people face a high risk of damaging the furniture, property or even themselves.

Moving Containers

This is a good option for those people who are not comfortable driving a moving truck. This is somewhere between full service moves and self service. The transportation company will drop of a container or a pod. Then you have 5-7 days to load the container. After you’re done with loading the container, the transportation company will pick it up and deliver it to your new residence or keep it in their warehouse. The downside with this option is that you still have to do to the heavy lifting yourself, but it still will be cheaper than hiring a full service company.

Moving Labor Services

This is an option when you rent a truck or a trailer and hire professional movers to load and unload your furniture and boxes. It will be your responsibility to arrange the truck or a pod as well as the moving blankets. These are professional movers that are trained to load and unload properly to avoid damages. Moving laborers will also provide right equipment such as dollies, hand tucks and etc to ease the process. This is also a good option if you need to move furniture within your home.

As you see there are different moving options, it all depends on your budget and flexibility.

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