Enclosed Car Shipping and Its Benefits During A Household Move

23 March 2012 by

Enclosed car shipping is the best option for those who want to guarantee the safety of their vehicles and for the ones shipping expensive, exotic and classic cars during the process of moving. It comprises of ferrying vehicles in an enclosed compartment where they are protected from various elements. For those who may not know, open vehicle shipping services exposes your car to several risks. These hazards come in the form of: flying debris especially on unfinished roads; harsh weather e.g. blistering sun and gushing winds, and exposure to dirt and dust. These hazards make the open car carriers quite a risky venture even with the enticement of low car shipping quotes.

Enclosed auto shipping is especially suited to those vehicles which even a small dent or scratch could cost the owner a huge amount of dollars to repair. Since these cars have aesthetic appeal, you will find that even a minor dent could lower the value of your classic car in terms of thousands of dollars. Such a vehicle cannot therefore be driven to the destination and risk having it damaged on the way there (especially for long distances). In case of any damages, you stand to lose even the small cash that you were trying to save when you avoided handing it over to car shippers.

A benefit of enclosed car shipping while moving to a new home is that your car will be protected the whole time during shipment. The enclosed carriers come with special devices which hold the vehicle firmly in place and prevent it rolling from one corner to the other. In addition, the vehicle is transported alone hence no chance of colliding with another car during packing and unpacking. Finally, since you have paid a high auto transport quote for your shipment, the transport driver will be under strict conditions to dedicate due care and attention to your car especially when loading and offloading it. The high cost of enclosed car shipping is certainly worth it when it comes to putting the safety of your car first.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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  • There is no doubt that Enclosed Car shipping is the best option. Most of the People avoid this method because of the charges but they must also care for the safety purpose.

  • Enclosed car shipping is very beneficial rather than that of open car shipping. In Enclosed vehicle shipping your vehicle is transported in closed trucks etc while in open vehicle shipping your vehicle transported in open trucks that are less safe. Everybody should must prefer the security purposes.
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  • Lucie Grey says:

    It is absolutely right that security is more important than moving charges of vehicles.For safe Auto Shipping service, enclosed car shipping is more beneficial than rates.We are providing Vehicle Transport services that will help you to ship your vehicle safely at targeted place.

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