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storing suitsWe’ve all heard the expression “Dress to impress”. This expression holds more true today due to the troubles in the economy and difficult job market. A good looking suit can have you making positive first impressions and give you more self confidence. Caring for your suits when you’re wearing them is just as important as when you aren’t wearing them. The following tips will have your suits looking great even when you’re not wearing them.

  • Remove everything from the suit before hanging your suit. Pens, paper and even cigars left in the pockets over time can weigh the suit down and cause the suit to not sit properly. This will cause the suit to lose shape. What if a pen leaks as well? Do you want your suit smelling like cigars too? Trust us….take everything out of the suit.
  • Use the hangars your suits came with if you still have them. They are strong, sturdy and won’t break under the pressure. They also allow for broader shoulder support than regular hangars and have a slot to hold the slacks.
  • Be sure to air your suit out before storing it. If there is any moisture due to washing or perspiration, the suit could get ruined. A climate controlled storage unit is probably the way to go when storing suits as well. The climate controlled unit will protect your suit from mildew, molding and moisture.
  • Keep your suit on a hanger and in a closed bag so moths and other insects cant get at it.
  • Be sure to iron your suit before and after storing.

Suits are expensive investments and should be properly kept and stored. Follow these tips for storing suits and you will have your suits looking like new for years to come.

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SSF Team

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