Useful Tips to Help Make Your Move Easier

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The most important thing to remember when moving or hiring moving companies is to plan ahead. First, find a reputable moving company that has been in business for at least a decade. Do not hire a professional mover until you have gotten at least three quotes for the cost of the move. In addition, keep in mind that customers never pay in advance for their moving estimates. Any moving company that tells you to give them money for a quote is not legitimate.

Once you decide on the best moving company for your needs and budget, you can begin organizing and packing. Moving can cause anxiety and stress not only because you are required to make so many important decisions each day, but also because you may not be accustomed to that level of physical activity. You can fortify yourself with nutritious drinks and foods, and taking breaks as often as you need to. Be sure to plan for sufficient time to get the packing and cleaning finished, and then add a day or two to the estimate, depending on the size of your house and the number of people who will be packing. Make sure that you don’t schedule to have your electricity or water service shut off any sooner than necessary. If you are still packing up your belongings and need to reconnect your utilities, you might have to pay a reconnect fee and a deposit as well, before they are turned on again.

When you pack up your household items, try to keep the contents of each room in a separate box. That way, you will be able to find and put away your things more easily than if everything is mixed up. Write a number on each box when it has been filled and taped shut. You can also write the contents on the box as you pack, which will come in handy when you open the kitchen boxes at your new home. Who among us hasn’t made a huge mess and wasted a lot of time and energy opening and searching through a dozen boxes before finding a needed item?

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SSF Team

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  • Can’t agree more about finding a reputable moving company. I had a friend that found movers off of craigslist. They didn’t ask for references. The movers held my friends belongings hostage demanding more money than originally agreed upon. It was a mess and could have been avoided if they had done their homework.

  • You know, I’m not sure I’d thought about remembering to eat additional nutrients and such during a moving day. We always just ordered pizza or sub sandwiches, which is probably not the best idea.

    Thanks for the great article!

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