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San Diego is one of the largest cities in the United States. For newcomers to the city that means, lots of things to do and see. There are plenty of museums, architecture and art to keep you going for months. A diverse city and night life have people flocking to San Diego every year. With space at a minimum, self storage is a growing need for many San Diego residents. Below are some tips for locating 92110 self storage as well as things to do in this great city.


There really isn’t a bad time to plan your move to San Diego. The climate is near perfect all year round and there is plenty to do and see in the city. Due to these circumstances, the cost of living is a bit pricey. The dream of living in the city might be too farfetched if you are a young professional or college student just trying to get by. An apartment or smaller house outside the city might be a better fit and if so, you may find yourself in need of self storage.

There are hundreds of San Diego self storage facilities so narrowing down your options will depend on your needs, your budget and your willingness to drive to the storage facility. Is distance a factor? Do you need high end security for your stuff? Figure out these questions and your storage options will be narrowed down for you.


Many students come to San Diego to enjoy life and go to a good college in a great city. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 40.4% of San Diegans ages 25 and older have a bachelors degree. Some of the colleges in the city include San Diego State University, University of California at San Diego and The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. There is also one medical school in the city and three ABA accredited law schools.

Whether students are coming in from across the city, the state or the country, there is a chance incoming college students will have a need for self storage. Students will easily find San Diego self storage through our convenient storage finder. Our system takes the hassle out of searching for self storage so you can go out and enjoy the city. Many of your best options could be close to your living space but to be sure search for 92101 storage on our website. Finding a San Diego storage unit which suits your needs is quick and easy!


New arrivals shouldn’t have much of a problem finding something to do in San Diego. With one of the top 10 best climates and one of the top 2 summer climates, San Diego is a great place to live, work and play. Go out and enjoy one of the many popular museums such as the San Diego Museum of Art or the San Diego Natural History Museum. Travel downtown to the Columbia district and tour one of the many historic ship exhibits. If you are looking for more to do at night, the San Diego Symphony performs regularly as well.

For the sports enthusiasts, San Diego hosts two professional teams in the Chargers of the NFL and the Padres of the MLB. There are also several college teams which call the city home, the San Diego State Aztecs being one of them. San Diego has also hosted several college bowl games and the World Baseball Classic in recent years.


San Diego has a great skyline although there aren’t many tall buildings. In fact, the tallest building in the city is One American Plaza and it stands only 500 feet tall. Downtown San Diego doesn’t include any “super tall” skyscrapers due to the Federal Aviation Administration applying a limit on the height of buildings because of the proximity of San Diego International Airport.

San Diego is a very unique and concentrated city with hundreds of separate neighborhoods. In 2008 the city officially recognized the importance of all of these neighborhoods in the community and began naming them villages. These villages makeup the complexity and culture of the city itself.

This brief San Diego overview should aid you in finding things to do in the city and allow you to locate a San Diego storage facility if needed.

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