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24 February 2012 by

Owning and operating your own business is a dream come true for many individuals but it can also take a remarkable amount of time, effort and work. If you own a small retail business you probably do a vast amount of work by yourself or have a small staff assisting you. Maximizing your workspace and time is essential to running a profitable retail location. This can be a difficult task because many retail owners feel like they are losing money if any part of their sales floor isn’t being used. Having a space for storage in your store can be a waste and a money drainer. One solution to this issue is business storage. Renting a storage unit can help maximize your floor space while still keeping you profitable.

  • Seasonal merchandise is a great seller in season but what happens when you are out of season and have excess product? Many retailers either return their unsold items or sell them at a discounted rate which can be unprofitable. Instead, try storing the surplus merchandise in a self storage unit so you can use the product next season.
  • Storing signs, fixtures and promotional items in a self storage facility when they are not in use will help maximize your floorspace until the next promotion.
  • Sales records, tax information, files, documents, marketing materials or excess registers can be a load to your workspace and sales staff. By having a storage unit, you can safely store these items until you need to access them.
  • Storage facilities will provide top notch security for your merchandise, marketing materials and business documents which a retail store may not provide. Many self storage facilities have gated access, 24 hour surveillance, property managers on staff at all times and keypad access. This is typically more security than any retail business.

The convenience and affordability of renting a self storage unit for retail business is not one that many retailers immediately consider. Renting from a self storage facility will aid you in keeping your sales floor clean and less cluttered while also keeping your promotional items, excess inventory and documents safe.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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