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10 February 2012 by

At the beginning of December we mentioned some ideas for your self storage facility when it comes to the slow season for storage. Marketing ideas, facility upgrades and getting your taxes prepared were some options. Below are a few more options for all of you go-getters who already implemented our other ideas.

Here are some ways to stay involved:

Plan a party – Host a Holiday party or a Valentines Day party. Invite business owners, restaurants and people in the community. This is a great way to show off your creative side, promote your facility and generate awareness about your self storage facility. Leave promotional items such as pens, business cards and magnets so people remember you after the party.

Host a flea market – This is easy to do if you live in a warmer climate but if you live in a colder climate it might be tough. It doesn’t have to be a large flea market with hundreds of vendors. A dozen or so vendors should be enough to generate buzz and get people into your storage facility.

Donate to charity – There are many great causes to donate to and there are countless examples of storage facilities donating to charity. Toys for Tots, Susan G Komen and the Salvation Army are several examples of great charities to aid during the Holiday season.

Host band night – Again, this might be easier to do if you live in a warmer climate but is still feasible if you live in colder areas. Tab a local band and ask if they would want to perform at your facility. This will provide great exposure for the young band just starting out as well as to your storage facility. If it’s cold outside, unlikely this winter, you can open up one of your larger self storage units and have the band play inside.

Whatever you plan to do during the slow season we recommend you get the word out. Tell the press, papers, community and send out press releases so the community and storage industry can spread the word further for you. Not only will you be helping your community but you will also be providing great exposure for your facility!

SSF Team

SSF Team

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