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When you are relocating from one home to another there are so many things that you have to pack and move, and things that you need to get for the move. As most everyone knows, you need to plan your move so you are not trying to do everything at the last minute. Planning will give you ample time to pack your boxes in an organized manner and you will not find yourself digging through a multitude of boxes looking for one thing when you get to your new home. Planning will also help you make sure that you do not forget to do something like turning off the services at one home and turning them on at the other, or forget to do a change of address. Making a list will help with all the little details.

As always the first question is “Should I hire a moving company or do it myself”? The answer is different for everyone; it depends on your budget, schedule and capability of moving heavy items. If you decide to hire a moving company, start getting moving quotes from different movers.

When it comes to supplies, one thing that you will need is a lot of boxes. You can get them for free from your local grocery store or fast food restaurant if you ask or you can buy them from a local moving company. You are also going to need packing tape to secure the boxes shut, newspaper or bubble wrap to wrap things in that you do not want to get broken.

If you are moving small kitchen appliances you can wrap them in towels, blankets, or sheets so they do not get damaged. If you are wrapping things that are fragile, double wrap them in bubble wrap and towels and pack them tightly in the box so they do not move around and get broken or chipped. If you are driving to the new house, you should take the boxes with fragile things in the car with you.

If you are moving a lot of books, you might think it would be easier to move one big box instead of several small boxes, but you need to remember that just a few books in a box can be heavy. If the box is too heavy you will have to get someone to help you move them into the new house. It would be best if you used several smaller boxes to pack your books.

For furniture, dismantle what you can and put all the screws and things that will be used to put them back together in a plastic baggy with it labeled so you will know what goes with what furniture. Have a small box in which to put all the plastic bags so they do not get lost.

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SSF Team

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  • Yes, a plastic bag is one of the most convenient ways to keep track of the furniture screws. It works a lot better than mixing them up in your pocket. You can even tape the plastic bag to the furniture or place it in one of the drawers. Keeping the pieces together makes for easy assembly later on. Ziploc bags one of the hidden secrets of packaging.

  • You can have the best of worlds when it comes to moving house. To make things easier though, especially if you lack time, hiring professionals can assure you that the job is done on time. Moving is challenging but there are ways to make it less stressful!

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