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Unlike moving to a few cities where you currently live, a long distance move takes more time in the planning stages, especially when considering which moving company will be getting you there.  It is very important to compare long distance moving companies before choosing which mover you will use.

Bearing in mind that the moving company would be in possession of your property for several hours, sometimes days in few cases, the onus is on you to perfectly screen and do your research when selecting cross country moving companies for your move.

For starters, experts would advise that you shop around and compare long distance moving companies before you make that final decision on the person that you want to eventually relocate you.

There is no doubt quite a large amount of long distance moving companies that are out there and they are all vying for your money. As a result of that, one can always expect them say just about anything that they can in order to win your business.

One of the first steps in comparing long distance companies is to find out about those companies that are licensed to cross from state to state through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can also compare the services offered as well. For example there are some long distance moving companies that would pack and load your household items for the move and then unpack it when you get to your destination. Then, there are other moving companies that would go the distance for the customer by assisting them in finding a property to live in. This is usually the case for those people that are moving to a new city in search of work.  This is a great service for the person that is too busy to move.

It cannot hurt to ask around about long distance movers within your area from your family or friends in your neighborhood. The references that you get would go a long way as it helps you to do your research where you could then shop and compare.

Although finding the mover that offers the most affordable price may be an important factor, when comparing long distance movers you should also take years of experience, legitimacy of company and type of services offered into consideration.

In the end, after your research and you have met a representative and select a moving company, then the next step would be to read all the paperwork that you are given making sure you understand everything before signing.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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  • Jenna L says:

    Great article on long distance moving. Enjoyed it very much.

  • Steve Larson says:

    This is an awesome moving article. Great info to use for my next move. I also followed the link to it was a great site as well.

  • One thing that I notice when moving people is a lack of preparedness. There have been times when I arrived to do the job and NOTHING was packed or wrapped. Customers can save a tremendous amount of money if they just planned ahead.

  • Yes we should choose those companies only which are running from long time. When we sign a contract with company we should verify that is that company genuine. Because some of them companies can be fraud and fake.

  • One of the foremost steps to find a safe moving company involves reading reviews about movers.

  • I love to travel and I moved places here and there. Whenever there is a job call for me I go to that place and moved to for work.

    When I packed my stuff I segregate all the fragile and the clothes. I roll the clothes and i wrap with a old news paper all the fragile things. Mostly on my move, Frontier Van Lines are there to helped.I tried your company too in my few move,it was great job and they were so careful. thanks

  • I always compare to long distance companies because which companies are provide many facility related to your family and It is very important to compare long distance moving companies before choosing which mover you will use.

  • JJ Metro says:

    This is a great article. It is very important to make sure your moving company is able to help you move over long distances. The right moving company can help make your move easy and stress free.

  • Janice says:

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