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Over the years, people tend to accumulate a lot of possessions. If you happen to be in a relationship, married or even divorced, you no doubt have more stuff than a single person. The reason for this is because individuals will bring their own stuff, combine it with the other persons and essentially double the amount of possessions in a home or apartment. This isn’t all bad because some of the things we have we need. The accumulation of more and more belongings happens slowly over a long period of time. Bedrooms, closets, garages and spare rooms can quickly become overrun with personal possessions. If you have ever moved after living in a place for a long time you understand. Each time you move you have to rent a bigger moving truck and find a bigger home.

One issue you will most likely run into is the fact you have to sort through all of your items and get rid of some of your possessions. This is not an easy task and will probably raise your stress level. Be patient, stay committed and you will get through it. If after sorting through all of your stuff you find you still have too many possessions to fit in your space, self storage is a viable option.

Below are some recommendations to consider before running all of your stuff out to the nearest self storage facility.

The garage is for your cars and tools.

  • We all do it. You have some extra wood and paint left over from the “honey do” list and instead of finding a permanent place for them, you put them in the garage. A few weekends later and its more of the same until your garage is overrun with things other than your cars and lawnmower. Furniture, appliances, electronics, extra parts, etc should be sold, donated or thrown away. Your garage should be for your cars and lawn tools. To make room for other small items you can build shelves in the garage and hang hooks which will maximize the space you have.

Closets are for your clothes.

  • Closets are typically small spaces to hold your clothes and shoes. Why do many people try to shove as much stuff in them as possible, filling them so they almost cannot be shut? What is all of that stuff in there? Do you need it all? Not only is most of the extra stuff taking up a lot of closet space but it is difficult to organize. Anything which is not clothes, shoes or blankets should be removed from the closet. Again, you can build shelves or put up rods to maximize your closet space.

You should still be able to enter your spare rooms.

  • Similar to your closets, your spare rooms should not be full of junk. Spare rooms can be used as a home office or extra bedroom but should not be used as an extra storage unit. Take your time cleaning your possessions. Sell or throw away anything you haven’t used in a year and purchase the large, see through storage bins to effectively organize other things you wish to save.

Selling or throwing away your possessions sounds like an easy task but can become difficult and stressful if you have an attachment to the items. If you have belongings you cant throw away but are too big to store in your home, you should consider renting a self storage unit.

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SSF Team

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  • AnabelBr says:

    Have you ever wanted to clean out your closet? To get rid of unwanted and excess clothing? Do you open your closet and breathe a sigh of defeat? Like television, your wardrobe is full of options, few of them appealing. More to the point, what you own doesn’t reflect who you are––or who you want to be.

  • Great advice. We see a lot of homeowners using space or rooms in ways that don’t quite fit. Sometimes, a good closet organization system can really help get things in order.

  • Garage is just like a storage room. We park our car and other vehicles there. But we throw many other useless or useful things in it like a garbage and make it dirtiest place. To keep it clean we can set some cabinets there to store tools and other lying things. Can manage it by putting some storage units in it.

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