Where Does Your Band Practice?

30 December 2011 by


You have a great group of guys in your band, songs are written and you feel like you’re one break away from making it big time. Now if you only had a place to practice! If your place is too small or the neighbors are not tolerant it is likely you are having a difficult time finding a place to practice. One option to consider is a self storage unit. A storage unit offers a private, mostly soundproof location for your band to jam.

Although there are probably several hundred storage facilities around your area, not all of them will allow bands to practice in a storage unit. You will probably have to call the facility and talk to the manager in order to find out specifics. Be sure to also ask about times which you may practice as some facilities may have rules. Many of the facilities which do allow bands are also well equipped for bands too. They are now offering WIFI, soundproofing for more privacy and climate controlled units.

Climate controlled units are most likely the best option when storing your instruments as well. These storage units are temperature controlled, do not allow moisture in and will keep your instruments safe at all times. Although the cost to rent a storage unit is minimal, there is still a cost. If you plan to jam once a week, the benefits will outweigh the cost. Remember, climate controlled units will be more expensive than regular storage units, but have more benefits and are better for storing your instruments.

Having a quiet place to practice without disturbing neighbors or family is important. Remember to be prepared, ask the storage manager questions and practice hard to get that big break. Hopefully these band storage tips will give you an idea of what you should be looking for.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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