Is Your Garage Ready for Winter?

16 December 2011 by

Garages can be good storage areas but your garage should really only be used for your cars and lawn tools. What do you do in the winter if you can’t get your car in the garage because it is being used as your storage unit? Your garage should be well organized and functional but it won’t be this way if you have to park your car in the driveway because of clutter. Making room for all of your other stuff while attaining an organized garage is possible but it will take some time and work to accomplish.

In order to begin organizing your garage you should consider a few small items. You will probably need to purchase a few things such as hooks, peg boards, 2x4s, metal shelves and plastic bins. There is plenty of space on the walls of your garage if you use it properly and to your advantage. Save your floor space for your cars and lawnmower while maximizing the space in your garage.

Maximize your shelf space by placing nails, screws, nuts and bolts in small boxes or old glass jars in order to easily access them. Placing these items in small glass jars will aid you in finding exactly what you need the next time you need them for your “honey do” list.

As with anything, a good plan will help you with your organization and overall goal. Plan where you want to hang your pegboards and metal shelves. What will you be able to hang on them and how much space will you have on each of the shelves? Be sure to leave space to hang your brooms, mops and rakes from the ceiling.

These ideas should help get your started in organizing your garage for the cold, winter months. If you have too much stuff in your garage you might consider self storage as another option for your possessions. Larger items such as furniture, appliances, electronics and extra parts can either be thrown out, sold or kept in self storage. Having your extra stuff in a storage facility down the road from your house won’t be as inconvenient as having to start your cold car which won’t fit in your cramped garage. Plan, organize and maximize the storage space you have and remove the clutter so you can finally park in your garage.

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SSF Team

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