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Chicago is large enough for anyone to find something to do everyday. The third largest city in the U.S. is famous for its architecture, arts, sports, cuisine, education and comedy. The city has over 80 colleges and almost 90 public libraries. Some of the most famous museums, aquariums and art is located in the city as well. A diverse city and night life have people flocking to the city every year. The population continues growing and people are left with minimal places to put their belongings. With space at a minimum, self storage is a growing need for many Chicago residents. Below are some tips for locating Chicago self storage as well as things to do in the great city of Chicago.


Similar to many big cities, Chicago has a lot of young people living downtown but the surrounding suburbs are geared more towards families. If you are going from single to married and need to make the move to the burbs, you may need storage help. Your new love will now be your wife and kids and not your comic book collection. Time for self storage!

Which type of storage will you need? Outdoor storage is most likely out because of the weather conditions in the city. An indoor storage unit, which may or may not be climate controlled, is probably best. Check out our climate controlled blog post to see if this is really what you need. Because of the weather, a drive up Chicago self storage unit might be a good option as well.


There are many students who come to Chicago for the experience of a lifetime. Chicago is known as a world center of higher education and research and University of Chicago, Northwestern, U of I at Chicago and Loyola are some of these great institutions. Whether you’re moving from your dorm to an off campus place or you’re coming to Chicago from elsewhere in the States, you may need to find college storage.

Luckily students have easy Chicago self storage options to minimize the hassle. You have to take into account whether you can drive to the facility or if you don’t have a car. Some storage facilities will pick up your belongings and store them for you, while others you have to drive to and store yourself. I can’t imagine anything more annoying than taking your storage boxes on the L.


If you’re new to Chicago it shouldn’t take you long to find something to do. Chicago is home to world class theater, arts and entertainment. The city boasts a sports team for every major professional sport, countless number of parks and terrific food. You could spend a year in Chicago and do something different every day, whether it’s going for a stroll on the Magnificent Mile, hanging with your family in Lincoln Park or checking out the Shedd Aquarium.


After the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, the largest building boom in the history of the nation began. In 1885 the first skyscraper was built in Chicago ushering in the skyscraper era. The construction never seemed to stop as the Chicago skyline is one of the largest in the world. Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower for all the native Chicagoans on the blog, the Trump Tower, Chicago Board of Trade and John Hancock building are some of the most iconic in Chicago. Did you know Chicago has a building so big it had its own zip code until 2008? The Merchandise Mart was opened in 1930 and is nearly 4,000,000 square feet!

There are multiple kinds and sizes of houses, townhouses, condos and apartments lining the city and have many Cathedral style churches as well. For those of you looking for shopping and restaurants, the Magnificent Mile is the place to be. With all this cityscape, how can you go wrong? Springing up all over the city have been hundreds of self storage units as well. The Loop and downtown are good spots to begin your quest if you are looking for Chicago self storage units.

This brief Chicago overview should help you find things to do in the city and allow you to locate a storage facility if need be.

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SSF Team

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