Weird Items Found in Self Storage Units

28 October 2011 by

Halloween brings out the ghouls, ghosts and crazy in everybody. In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we would put together a crazy list of our own.

Of all of the normal things found in self storage units there are also the dumb, nasty and downright weird items found. We’ve searched online, through auctions and newspapers looking for the weirdest items for this list. Here we go:

  • Rod Blagojevich had a 6 foot tall Elvis Presley statue
  • A Polaroid of Madonna holding a water gun shaped like male genitals
  • Dinosaur bones…as in a skull
  • Drugs
  • A bug collection
  • Ashes of loved ones cremated
  • A mattress with a chalk outline of a body
  • Burt Reynolds is famous for his possessions in storage such as – a letter from his doctor when his spleen was removed, Fred Biletnikoff’s last can of Stick ‘Em and Triggers bill of sale.

These items were found in random storage facilities. I’m sure there are lots of crazy things laying around Chicago self storage units or Los Angeles storage units if you look. We are wondering what types of weird things you’ve found in storage units? Drop us a line in the comments with anything you got!

SSF Team

SSF Team

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