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14 October 2011 by

Internet search volume is consistently growing. Google’s numbers are always impressive and now Bing/Yahoo! is beginning to grow month over month as well. Both companies spend enormous amounts of time and money reworking their algorithms attempting to give consumers the best possible results when searching online. Google, for one, is constantly creating new items and updating old items such as Google Instant, +1, News, testing new SERPs and Local.

Consumers are now using the internet to become better informed, price savvy and social. In doing so, consumers become less impulsive when purchasing products and services. The internet is no longer a place for just for geeks, it is basically the first place people go on their path to purchase. With the vast amount of information available – blogs, articles, social, directories, etc – people can pick and choose which sources to rely on and come back to again and again for information and also which to ignore.

Most of you probably already know all of this, so where is this going? The more search volumes continue to increase, the more important it is to have a wide-ranging internet marketing strategy. If your facility isn’t found online, chances are your competitors are being found. More and more companies are shifting their marketing dollars away from traditional marketing such as TV, radio, newspapers and Yellow Pages and bringing the entire marketing budget to the online arena.

What we suggest is that you start thinking more about online advertising. There are several options you have and we have listed them below:

  • Get with storage aggregators – Companies such as Self Storage Finders, Sparefoot and all understand what it takes to rank in the SERPs and have been doing it for years. They are all pay per performance so you only pay when you get a rental.
  • Get Social – Create a Facebook, Twitter and Merchant Circle page and update them regularly.
  • Start a Blog – Writing a blog can help you gain traction online as well as in your community.
  • Claim your local listing – Google, Yahoo! and Bing all have Local Listings for business. They are all free to claim and maintain. If you are not doing this yet, stop reading this and go do it now. It is very important if you want to be featured in the 10 pack map.
  • Claim all of your free listings – Search for your company on any of the search engines and claim all of your listings. Make sure your phone number and address are correct on each one. This is also important to being listed in the maps.
  • Connect in your community – Find companies in your community and begin an online relationship with them (get your mind out of the gutter). Once you gain trust from these companies you will probably begin blogging about them and they will do the same. This is an easy way to obtain targeted local links.

These are some of the most important things we see working online right now. When people search they want to find the most relevant, reputable company which is local to them. If they are finding you instead of your competitors your business will reap the benefits. A forward thinking marketing strategy will be a crucial part for your storage facility to have online success.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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