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Being the web savvy, tech junkie you are you were able to find this website. You probably searched around, found the storage unit and location you were looking for at a great price. You got this whole self storage renting thing down, don’t you? But, did you know there are several different types of storage depending upon your needs? Obviously not all storage units are the same being different sizes, types and functions. Below are some comparisons to different types of storage units.


Drive-up units are the most common types of storage units. These are the storage units you typically see when driving down the road. They are arranged in long lines of storage units and have doors similar to your garage door at home.

These units have a wide aisle so you can easily drive your moving truck or car directly up to the storage unit. Most aisles are big enough for 2 vehicles to pass each other so there isn’t a worry about getting blocked in or causing a traffic jam if there is more than one vehicle unloading their stuff.


Many of the indoor self storage units you will find will be in a large warehouse type space. In order to get to the indoor storage units, you will most likely have to pass through some sort of security which is usually a gate or keypad. From there, you will have access to your storage unit which will vary in size and in usage.

Now, when most people think of indoor storage, they immediately think of a climate controlled storage unit. Although some indoor storage units may be climate controlled not all of them are. You can learn more about climate controlled storage by visiting our other page or reading our climate controlled storage blog. If you want a quick overview, climate control is good for any items you have which are sensitive to temperature change. This includes art, furniture, electronics and antiques.


If you are looking to store clothes, furniture, antiques, just about anything actually, you will want an indoor or drive up storage unit. Outdoor units are just that…outdoors. They are subjected to the climate, temperature and weather at all times. Most people only use outdoor storage for cars, boats or RV’s. These units are convenient for larger vehicles but are not designed for much else.

Now that you know more about the different types of storage units at self storage facilities you can go brag to your friends about it! Send them to our website if they don’t believe you. Remember to research before you rent and check sizes, availability and location as well.

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SSF Team

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