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We have all noticed self storage facilities on the side of the road while driving but we don’t really pay attention to them, until you need them that is. There are various reasons people choose to use a self storage facility. If you think about it, self storage is kind of an odd concept. You are taking valuable possessions which you own and have in your home and then moving them to a location which you probably have to drive to in order to get to your valuables again. So why do we do this?

Life Changes

Let’s face it. Life is unpredictable and can change at any moment. One reason people use self storage is because they are dealing with some of life’s changes. There might be a marriage and the couple has too much stuff they don’t want to part with. It might be the other end of the spectrum and there is a divorce and the couple has accumulated so much stuff over the years but now has to downsize and place items in storage. You may have the opportunity to take a new job in a new city and be forced to move into a smaller place to start. Whatever the reason, any life change is a reason to use self storage.


Some people need storage just for the convenience. A college student going home for the summer may not want to pack up all of his/her stuff and drive it all home just to bring it back in 3 months. Renting and storing the items in a storage unit is more convenient than the hassle of moving it several times.

What if you bought a brand new couch and have an extra one that your friend says he wants? You don’t have room in your place for it and he doesn’t move into his place for another 2 months? Storing extra furniture for a friend in need is another reason to use self storage.

Too Much Stuff

George Carlin said it best, “We all need a place to put our stuff”. We all have stuff and some of us have more than others. You can take a listen to it here.


Whether you are lucky enough to be upgrading into a bigger house or downsizing in tough times, moving is another reason to use self storage. With the housing bubble burst, housing prices bottoming out and low interest rates, there isn’t a better time to move. Self storage is a great option while getting settled.

These are four of the most common reasons people use self storage. Although taking your possessions and storing them in a storage unit is an odd concept, there is a whole business model based on it. Embrace it if you need to and keep buying more stuff!

SSF Team

SSF Team

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