Our Thoughts on Mass Media Advertising (Our Storage Wars)

2 September 2011 by

Ever since our very own storage wars between Randy Smith and Sparefoot erupted a few weeks ago, we have been getting people asking us our opinion on the subject. Randy wrote two articles on the subject of mass media advertising and Sparefoot rebutted twice so far.

Self Storage Finders is obviously a bit biased in the stance we take but not any more biased than Randy or Sparefoot on the topic. In disclosing the obvious let’s get to the real deal.

Randy believes traditional mass media advertising is the only way to go in order to get your struggling facility up and profitable again. While we agree TV, newspaper, radio, heck even the Yellow Pages can be effective advertising avenues in some markets but it is also obvious traditional advertising mediums are flailing attempting to keep clients or gain new clients. The amount of radio stations and newspapers closing down and the decreased use in Yellow Pages clients all point to this evidence.

It’s no secret the self storage industry is slow to adapt to changes and technology but failing to adapt to consumers needs and habits is liable to result in disaster. We can again look at newspapers and the Yellow Pages to see how they have either failed to adapt or adapted too slowly resulting in the loss of clients and thus the closing of businesses. Traditional forms of mass media may do well in one area but fail in another and the same can be said about Social Media, SEO or PPC. To say only mass media advertising works or doesn’t work is narrow-minded.

In our opinion, it comes back to having a diverse online marketing strategy. Storage facilities should be spreading their marketing dollars over a variety of marketing channels, testing the waters and calculating the ROI. If the ROI is acceptable, continue marketing that particular avenue and if it’s not, dump it. Concentrate on activities in the community, work with retailers, real estate agents, restaurants, online aggregators, use PPC, do SEO, SEM, radio, TV, newspapers, whatever you can to get your name out to the consumer. When you find something that works, stick with it. Not all of these will work and some will work more than others and it will be different for each market.

It makes sense to advertise as much as you can within your budget. If you can afford to advertise on self storage aggregator websites, do TV and radio, newspapers, SEO and PPC, then why wouldn’t you take advantage of them? The more times a potential renter sees your company or hears about your company, the more likely they are to rent with you. If you can dominate the first page of the SERPs, have a good social media presence and can get your name out to the public through TV or radio then you will have great coverage of your area and will probably get more rentals. Isn’t that the main point of Randy’s article? To get your name out to as many people as possible and raise the number of rentals?

With most storage markets as saturated as they are, if a potential customer cant find your facility information, they most likely found your competitors.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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  • Poor cust service, mixed information, called not followed through with, paid rent on time for a climate controlled unit that wasn’t so controlled. Upon retrieving my furniture and possessions–I should have taken them to the junk yard:::COVERED IN MOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep in mind I said climate controlled unit. This my friends are false advertising and will be reported to the BBB, local business owners, and present clients. After this experience and the others that have shared stories with me, I would never rent from your company again. But I’m going to help you by advertising: 909 storage sucks! Want to accesorize, bring your furniture to our climate controlled units and when you pick it up, you’ll find white mold as an addition. Such poor service and lack of conciousness for the consumer

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