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Many wine aficionados who like to age their wine in order to get that perfect taste and smell will tell you they don’t have enough room to store all of their wine bottles. Did you know, wine storage is a specialty service provided by self storage facilities? The wine is stored in a secure and climate controlled self storage unit which regulates temperature and humidity.

There are various reasons individuals use wine storage from storing everyday bottles of wine to the collector who ages wines for years. Wherever you fall on the scale, wine storage is sure to be a good choice when searching for a safe and secure place for your bottles. It should be known, proper wine storage can extend the flavorful life of the wine. We compiled a list of wine storage tips to aid you in your process of storing your wine collection.

  • Temperature: Be sure to keep the storage area between 55-65 degrees and keep it constant. This will keep your wine aging properly and get the flavors mixing while not being too warm. Heat and humidity are the 2 biggest threats to your wine.
  • Humidity: Be sure the humidity is between 50%-80% in the storage unit in order to keep the cork moist.
  • Light: Limit exposure to light as UV rays can cause the wine to go bad.
  • Vibration: Once you place your wine in storage, limit movement of the bottles so the sediment can fall to the bottom of the bottle and not mix with the rest of the wine.
  • Placement: Place the bottles horizontally with the label facing up. This will keep the cork moist and you will be able to tell which bottle is which.
  • Organize: Keep your wine storage organized so you know where all of your aged wine bottles are compared to ones you should be drinking sooner.

For wine collectors, storing wine properly is extremely important. The delicate characteristics of wine and the maturing of flavor over time increase the importance of protecting and nurturing each bottle. Wine changes over time and this is why it is crucial to control air, temperature, humidity, light and vibration of the bottles. Follow these wine storage tips and your bottles will last longer, age properly and be efficiently stored until you are ready to explore them yourself.

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SSF Team

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