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Many people use self storage to store their vehicles every year whether it be RV storage, boat storage or as in the case of this article, car storage. Cars and trucks were made to be driven on a regular basis, thus car storage can wreak havoc on your vehicle if you do not take necessary precautions. Engines, fluids, batteries, belts and tires are sensitive and not meant to be stored. Follow the car storage tips below in order to ensure your car performs as it did before you put it in storage:

  • Make sure your gas tank is full to reduce the amount of water absorbed and slows the rate your gas will turn to varnish. It is also wise to use an additive to ensure the gas does not break down and keeps your system safe
  • Winterize your car and use anti-freeze to help protect and lubricate your cooling system.
  • Change the oil in the car. Old, dirty oil is contaminated with acids which can cause bearing failure and rust inside the engine.
  • Remove the spark plugs and use lubricant for the cylinders to stop piston rings from rusting
  • Use a lubricant spray on all exposed metal engine surfaces to inhibit rust
  • Disconnect the battery. A car battery is constantly draining even if the car is off and without the car operating to recharge the system, the battery can die quickly
  • Over inflate the tires to guard against flat spots
  • Make sure all of the routine maintenance is performed to the car before it is stored.
  • A wash and wax of your car is recommended as it will remove dirt, grit and salt from the car
  • Clean and vacuum the inside of the car to remove any crumbs, food, etc.
  • Get your car out of the elements. Rain, snow, sun and wind can all cause significant damage to your car
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  • Use mothballs to prevent small animals from chewing wiring, seats and carpet or to keep them from using your car as a home.
  • If you are using car storage for a convertible, store it with the top up.
  • Visit the car storage unit once a month or so and take the car for a drive if possible. This should keep everything running in good shape and prevent any problems.

A little work now will protect your car from rust, animals and other storage related issues while you keep your car in self storage. These helpful car storage tips should keep your vehicle safe and running smoothly so you can be back on the road in no time!

SSF Team

SSF Team

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  • Over the last 18 months we have seen a massive uptake in the storage of various vehicles at our storage facilities. Whilst I have seen many lists of tips for storing goods in self storgae units this is the first decent list of tips for storing vehicles. I hope you do not mind if we use some of these tips ourselves to aid our customers here in the UK.

  • I very much agree with the comments from the UK. I have seen other lists but note that 2 of your suggestions weren’t there: overinflate tires and getting wash and wax. Moth balls work but I know the smell lingers long after storage. Another alternative with a shorter “smell life” are cloth rags soaked in vinegar. In the spring just but down some air freshener and a few days later the vinegar aroma is gone. Paul at SelfStorAll Kamloops BC

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