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Corporations and small business owners use business storage for various reasons. Some need a storage unit for short term use while others need storage longer term. Whether owners are downsizing office space in tough times or just plain moving offices, business record storage is in high demand.

Many businesses have a cluttered work environment which makes finding documents, filing documents or working more of a hassle. Supplies, food, paperwork and documents can pile up quickly in offices and adding additional space to your office may not be feasible due to cost or room. Executives and small business owners alike are turning to cost effective self storage facilities to keep their business documents and supplies safe and secure. The following business storage tips should help make your self storage experience painless.

  • Plan ahead – Prioritize your items and pack by weight with the heaviest items on the bottom.
  • Make a list of all of the items your storing – The list will help you keep things organized in your storage unit and allow you to determine the size of the unit you will need.
  • Pack properly – We already wrote a blog post on how to properly pack a storage unit but you should plan ahead, use sturdy boxes and mark your boxes to make things easier when you return to your unit.
  • Keep all your docs in the same place – This will help keep all of your important items in the same area so you don’t have to search your entire storage unit each time you need a document.
  • Consider using a fireproof or waterproof safe – A safe will help keep your documents protected in case of any unforeseen circumstances at the storage unit or even in your office.
  • Think about copies of important docs – This will ensure you always have your documents in an emergency and will be a backup plan “just in case”.
  • Climate controlled storage is a viable option – Climate controlled storage will help maintain the temperature in your unit and prevent mold, dust, mildew and critters from contaminating your unit.

Self storage for your business records and supplies is a cost effective solution for all of your extra stuff. Make sure your documents are not lost or damaged and are easily accessible in your storage unit. Take the time to follow these business storage tips and you will be able to get the most out of your storage unit.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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  • There is so much to business storage that most people don’t understand. They think they can stack everything in these little closets or basements unbeknownst of the low prices at storage facilities like yours and mine. Nice article

  • This whole issue frustrates me. We see our business customers storing goods and in particular their files and other records in our Letchworth storage unit at prices well below the prices they are paying for rent and local taxes at their own business premises. The customers are more than happy, what frustrates me is that so many more businesses could store and also save money but getting the message across is still so difficult.

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