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So you’ve been looking online for the best storage facility in your area. You found a couple in the right price range and then looked further into the amenities. Climate controlled, gate access and 24 hour availability are your requirements. A perfect unit only a few miles from the house awaits your arrival. All of your boxes are packed and you’re ready to go. You don’t want all of your belongings stolen though do you? Didn’t think so. That’s why you need a lock for your storage facility. There are several different locks to choose from and this blog post will differentiate each so you know what to expect when buying a storage lock.

What kinds of locks are available to purchase for storage units? Several are listed below with details:

  • Padlock – A padlock is a small, cheap lock which requires a small key to lock and unlock. It is usually made with soft metal and thus is easy to break and pick. End Result: This is not recommended to lock your storage unit.
  • Combination Padlock – A combination padlock is similar to a padlock but instead of a key to unlock, you have to spin the numbers to get a correct sequence and then open the lock. The lock is something you might see at the gym to keep your clothes and wallet safe while you workout. End Result: This lock is also easy to cut and pick and thus is not recommended for your storage unit.
  • Disc Lock – A disc lock is the most popular in storage units these days. They are resilient, strike, drill, pick and cut proof. The lock has a thick shackle which is hard to cut with bolt cutters. It also has anti locking pins and is stainless steel so it is good in most weather conditions. A disc lock is not impossible to break but it is very difficult. The only problem with these locks is they are not compatible with all storage units. End Result: A good, durable lock that is also hard to cut through is recommended for your storage unit.
  • Cylinder Lock – Many self storage facilities carry cylinder locks nowadays. These are some of the most secure locks available for storage units. The nice thing about these locks is that they are housed inside the storage unit, much like your front door locks are. These locks are strike, drill, pick and cut proof. End Result: Another good, durable lock housed inside your storage unit is recommended for your storage unit.

Locks for your self storage unit come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Be sure to get a lock that fits all of your needs and keeps your personal belongings safe. Most of these locks will cost roughly $25 but can start as low as $2 or as high as $100. The locks can be purchased at the storage facility you are renting from or from a local store. Although self storage facility break-ins are rare, make sure to get a good lock so your possessions are safe and secure from potential theft.

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SSF Team

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