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We know how it goes, we’ve been there. Finals are looming, friends are getting ready to leave for the summer and people are starting to pack for summer vacation. It is all coming up so fast but what do you do? Luckily, there are plenty of options including self storage. If you took your time looking for a storage unit and planned ahead – Great! If not, your lucky you just found out blog. Below are some tips when searching for summer college storage so you know how to prepare before renting a unit.

By using our convenient city or zip code search you will be able to find dozens of storage units near your school. Many of the storage facilities in the area will offer vast discounts for students so you should search those first to take advantage of cost savings. Other facilities may be a longer drive away but may have more of the things you are looking for if your decision does not need to be made on price alone.

First things first, what other amenities will you need? Most students will not need 24 hour access to their storage unit in summer or the use of free truck rental but those options are available. You probably don’t need a climate controlled unit either but many facilities offer them should you decide to use one. A good rule of thumb is if you can store it in a garage without being worried about it breaking or molding, you don’t need climate controlled storage. After all, your TV and coffee table don’t sit in a climate controlled warehouse or ride in a climate controlled truck after it is made and delivered to the store.

Next, determine the size of the storage unit you will need. Most students only need about a 5×5 unit but a 5×10 should do as well depending upon the amount of stuff you need to store.  Our storage sizes calculator will tell you how much you can fit in each unit. A 5×5 is about the size of a small closet while a 5×10 is a large closet. Either of these should be able to fit what you need to be stored. Bonus: Remember to stack boxes on top of one another to save room. The heaviest boxes should go on the bottom in order to not crush your other valuables.

Lastly, if you are storing a refrigerator be sure to defrost it before you put it in your storage unit. If you fail to defrost the fridge it will likely mold and build up mildew. This will cause your storage unit to smell and could also ruin your other belongings. You should also avoid storing food or drinks in your storage unit as well because this could attract rodents or at the very least it will smell up your unit. Be sure to also clean your microwave before storing it. Bonus: Leave the door to your fridge open to prevent mildew or mold from growing inside the fridge.

We hope these tips allow you to store your belongings all summer without worry or mess to clean up in the fall. Now you can go home, relax and get ready for the next Semester. Happy renting!

SSF Team

SSF Team

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