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27 May 2011 by

The California Self Storage Association (CSSA) is in another battle with the Senate. Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB655 last September and went into effect January 1, 2011. Now the Senate is bringing forth SB279 which the CSSA is claiming will have negative effects on advertising lien sales.
AB655, the Bill passed in September, was the result of a 3 year struggle between the newspapers and the self storage industry. The passing of the Bill resulted in a more cost effective lien sale process and lien sale procedure. The new Bill, SB279, is backed by the California Newspaper Publishers Association and they are turning the tables on the self storage industry again. They want lien sales announced in smaller judicial districts rather than in county wide newspapers where the lien is being held.
Getting all this?!
The CSSA is saying the Bill is not a mere technical change and there are 2 major issues why. One, the new Bill will reduce the number of publications self storage operators can legally advertise a self storage auction, thus reaching fewer buyers. Second, the judicial districts are difficult to determine because the map is from 1951!
The CSSA states, “Leaving the legislation as approved would benefit the consumer and the small business owner in one of the worst real estate downturns in a generation. Now is the time to expand the options for advertising lien sales beyond newspapers of general circulation not reduce them. Storage operators should be able to meet their statutory lien sale advertising obligation by posting notice of lien sale on publicly accessible websites or advertising in publications that are actually read by auction buyers but may not be in the illusive judicial district.”
For all of our California storage operators who have yet to oppose, submit a letter of opposition to your local Assembly member (, or email your letter Erin at the CSSA and she will submit it for you –

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